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Dual Purpose Breeds - Sahiwal Breeds

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This Zebu breed originates from India and Pakistan. National study was established in 1963 in Naivasha with the purpose of improving the breed for milk and beef i.e. as dual purpose breed. For a long time the breed was confined to government farms where the focus was conservation, characterization, improvement and utilization in smallholder systems. This breed is adapted to utilization of of poor quality pasture and rough terrain.

Purpose: Meat and milk production
The milk yield is highly variable because of variation of management regimes. Yields may range from 5-10 litres/day
Average body size: Large (average live-weight 350-400 kg)
Description: Body colour is solid brown

1. Docile.
2. Good breeds for marginal areas.
3. Milk has high butter-fat of 4.8%

1. Milk production potential is low (10 Kg/day)
2. Difficult breeders, most mating at night

Farms where they can be found include:
The largest herds in Kenya are kept by KARI, Naivasha and El-Karama Nanyuki.